Livro do Mês: Principles and Methods of Test Construction

Em fevereiro, sugerimos-lhe o livro “Principles and Methods of Test Construction” de Karl Schweizer e Christine DiStefano (Editores).
Nos últimos 20 anos foram vários os progressos contabilizados na construção de testes psicológicos. Ao longo deste livro o leitor encontrará, de uma forma bastante sistematizada, o atual “estado da arte”.
Trata-se de um livro destinado a estudantes ou investigadores que desenvolvem projetos na área da avaliação psicológica, e que tenham interesse em aprofundar os seus conhecimentos relativamente às técnicas e métodos utilizados na construção de testes psicológicos.


  1. Introduction
Major Approaches to Test Construction
  1. The use of standards in test development
  2. Using factor analysis in test construction
  3. Item response theory as a framework for test construction
Item Formats and Test Presentation
  1. Item types, response formats, and consequences for statistical investigations
  2. Adaptive testing
  3. Online Assessment
Estimation of Models
  1. Overview of estimation methods and preconditions for their application with structural equation modeling
  2. Examining fit with structural equation models
Group-Based Analysis
  1. Detecting differential item functioning
  2. Assessing measurement invariance of scales using multiple-group structural equation modeling
Topics of Special Relevance
  1. Bifactor modeling in construct validation of multifactored tests: implications for understanding multidimensional constructs and test interpretation
  2. Creating short forms and screening measures
  3. Using multitrait-multimethod analyses in testing for evidence of construct validity
  4. Method effects in psychological assessment due to item wording and item position


This book fills an important void in the educational and psychological test development literature. It will be of great value to faculty charged with training the next generation of test developers and measurement scientists, and to practitioners seeking to improve their own test development work. The approach taken by the chapter authors is authoritative and distinctly modern, with an appropriate emphasis on structural equation modeling, item response theory, and the relationship between the two. I was particularly pleased to note that important but often overlooked topics are addressed, such as item position and wording. I certainly plan to use this work in both training and practice.
R. W. Kamphaus, PhD, Professor and Dean at the College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA

What a wonderful book! I’m impressed by the range of topics covered and how well written and easy to understand each chapter is, without compromising on the technical details. It will prove to be a wonderful resource for graduate students learning about test construction and related models, as well as for experienced researchers who need a refresher.
Karen Nylund-Gibson, PhD, Associate Professor of Quantitative Research Methods, Department of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

This book offers a great line-up of topics and expert authors presenting the current state of the art of test construction. The depth and breadth of the presentations make this book an indispensable asset – both for experts in test construction and for those embarking on a career in the field.
Matthias Ziegler, PhD, Chair for Psychological Assessment, Department of Psychology, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany

This book is indispensable for all who want an up-to-date resource about constructing valid tests. It gives a state-of-the-art overview of both the foundations and important advanced topics, such as adaptive testing and measurement invariance, as well as central issues on item construction and both factor analytic and item response theory methods required for constructing reliable and valid instruments.
Prof. Dr. Johnny R. J. Fontaine, President of the European Association of Psychological Assessment, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium

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